Assessment of Clinical Competencies




Our Institution Government Dental college and Hospital, Ahmedabad is recognised by DCI and follows the syllabus designed by DCI and Gujarat University completely. As the students get enrolled in the institute, they are taught and supervised for preclinical and clinical competencies. Academic calendar is prepared year wise for practicals and theory as well.

After completion of two to three topics of scheduled lectures, multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are given to test the students’ knowledge by which students get acquainted to various MCQs from that topic for competitive examinations. Small scientific presentations for 5-8 min during revision lectures improves their confidence and peer-based learning.

The evaluation is done at the regular intervals to assess the attainment of competencies. Evaluation is carried out through

  1. Internal assessment
  2. External (university) assessments.

Internal assessment includes Term End Exams, Internals and Preliminary Examinations. External assessment is conducted by the university through written exams, practical & clinical examinations and viva-voce.

Internal assessment is a continuous process held regularly at the end of each term for assessing the clinical competency. Written examination is held thrice in a year i.e., two internal and one preliminary examination. Average marks of each practical and theory examinations are considered. 10% of the average marks are added to external examination.

External assessment is conducted by the university that includes theory and practical examinations.

Written examination of three-hour duration with maximum marks of 70 are conducted for each subject. Question paper consists of different types of questions like essays, short notes and objective types. Question paper is set with an aim to cover broad areas of the course curriculum. To each question specific marks are allotted.

Practical and Clinical examinations include assessment of the skills attained by the students in the clinics.

  1. Record book in which students maintain a record subject wise of their allotted and completed cases are also evaluated.
  2. Schemes of clinical and practical examinations/type of clinical procedure/ experiments to be performed and allotment of marks are published prior to conduction of examination.

Both external and internal examination abide by the scheme given by university. Evaluation is carried out by two examiners i.e., one internal examiner from same university and one external examiner from other university preferably from another state. Each student is evaluated individually by each examiner. Twenty marks are exclusively allotted for viva voce.

Interns have scheduled postings in each department where they are encouraged to learn various clinical skills and are trained in various specialized clinics enhancing their inter disciplinary approach which helps them to gain a positive attitude towards professional ethics and patient care. Various projects and peripheral community postings and dental camps make them more aware about the societal needs of dentistry.

Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) has been adopted by our institution as proposed by DCI for our internal assessments. In this method a number of examination stations are generated with specific instructions for clinical procedures, preclinical exercises and spotters, etc. This unbiased evaluation method during internal assessment examinations provides an equal chance to every student to show their clinical skills. During the period of training, students are evaluated at various levels for a broad range of skills i.e., General skills, practice management, patient care which includes diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment.


List of Competencies

Government Dental College and Hospital, Ahmedabad follows the curriculum designed by DCI and Gujarat University. After taking admission students are introduced to different subjects as per their year of study. Each department sensitizes the students about its clinical competencies and role in oral health care to patients. Various clinical competencies are demonstrated to students by the faculties of the specific speciality. Students are allotted required number of speciality wise cases as regulations laid by DCI curriculum and Gujarat University.

Clinical case handling of the students is constantly supervised by concerned faculties and head of the department. Students are evaluated for their preclinical as well as clinical cases at the end of their terms. Internal Evaluation is carried out as per OSCE by dividing procedure into different stations along with Viva-voce.

Faculties also stress the significance of infection control and cross infection control in dental practice and the students are constantly supervised for infection control protocol. At the end of each term students have to certify their completed work as per DCI and are graded for their performances.

The dental student during his or her period of training at GDCH, Ahmedabad acquires adequate knowledge, sufficient skills for carrying out various activities i.e., appropriate for general dental practice involving diagnosis, prevention and management of diseases and anomalies of teeth, jaws and associated tissues.

The dental graduates from GDC & H, Ahmedabad acquire following competencies

  1. Able to diagnose and manage various common dental diseases keeping in mind expectations and rights of society and also prognosis of the case
  2. Acquires skill to prevent and manage complications encountered while carrying out procedures.
  3. Competent to carry out various investigation procedures and able to interpret laboratory findings.
  4. Participate in promotion of oral health through community activities like school health program, Dental camps.
  5. Competent in control of pain and anxiety during treatment.
  6. Maintain high standard of dental ethics and apply in all aspects of life.


Feedback report


Information regarding implementation of OSCE was conducted on 17th December 2021 at Government Dental College and Hospital, Ahmedabad. The resource person was Dr Sanjay Lagdive and Dr Pratik Acharya. The presentation was very interactive and informative stressing the importance of implementation of new assessment system OSCE. The programme was attended by all the faculties of GDCH. It was simple and highly communicative. There was presentation by clinical department showing how to prepare stations and how to formulate examiner checklist and examinee questionnaire. This method is applicable to all clinical and non-clinical departments as it will give equal number of chances to each student and will be done unbiased which will give satisfaction to both examiner and examinee.

However, further video aids needs were felt by some of the faculties but overall, it was quiet practical and informative.

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