31st May 2022 - No Tobbaco Day Celebration at Oral Medicine and Radiology Department GDCH

31st may is celebrated as world No Tobacco Day by WHO to spread awareness about the harmful effects of tobacco use. To spread the message of Tobacco Awareness to the patients Oral Medicine And Radiology, GDCH, Ahmedabad, Gujarat is celebrating “Tobacco awareness week” under the guidance of all the faculties and staff member.
Activities on Tobacco Awareness
  • Day 1 :- Poster Presentation: Undergraduate students presented poster on harmful effects of tobacco. 
  • Day 2 :- Skit: A skit was prepared by interns on the effects of smoking and non-smoking form of tobacco to sensitize patients. 
  • Day 3:- Power point Presentation: Post graduate students presented tobacco cessation methods via audio-visual means. 
  • Day 4:- Pamphlet Distribution: PGs also prepared a pamphlet in regional language explaining oral and general effects of tobacco. 
  • Day 5:- Patient to patient counselling: PGs made a video of the patients with tobacco habits and their success of quitting tobacco habit.
  • Day 6 :- Live demonstration of tobacco cessation and Oath taking: Post graduate students and staff encouraged patients to take an oath of quitting tobacco with live demonstration on how to quit tobacco habit. 
  • Day 7:- Questionnaire: A questionnaire was prepared & filled for “Awareness regarding tobacco consumption” ( research study) in Department of Oral Medicine & Radiology by staff to motivate and encourage patients to quit the habit and live a tobacco free life. 

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