• JAGDiSH M RATHOD ડૉ. રોશની મેડમ ઍમો ને મારિ દીકરી પાર્થવી ની સારવાર સારી રીતે કરી છે. ઍમો તા. ૦૭/૦૯/૨૦૧૮ ના રોજ હોસ્પીટલ આવ્યા હ્તા. મારી દીકરી માટે જે અગાઉ જે ખર્ચ કર્યો તે પાર્થવી ની સારવાર માટે જરુરી હત્તો સરકારી હોસ્પીટલમાં તેવા સાધનો નથી આ માટે કોઈ વ્યક્તીગત કોઈ જ્વાબદાર નથી. ડૉ. રોશની મેડમ મારિ દીકરી પાર્થવી ની સારવાર સારી રીતે કરી છે. આપ નો આભર સહ.
  • JAGDISH M RATHOD Sir Madam i would like inform to that my daughter in treatment teeth in your hospital in your staff / Dr. is very good service and help my daughter teeth out side x -Ray and photo as need to my daughter benefits. no any person members benefits this is a my require daughter Teeth treatment good service to hospital dr's thanks
  • Denis a good career in Dentist
  • Dr Hasmukh parmarExcelent services to the pationte
  • Dr. Roshni Koli PG PART 2Dr. Roshni Koli PG PART 2 With reference to your comment, I would like to clarify that , I tried to contact you on mobile number : 9228369033 which is provided by you , I tried a number of times which shows “ INVALID NUMBER” . This is to suggest that please contact me personally in the department, room no 12 to resolve your grievances.
  • JAGDISH M RATHOD RSPECTED Sir, My Daughter in Dental Hospital Date 31/7/2018 in teeth checkup Vaka Chuka Teeth. Room No.12 In checkup with X-Ray and Outside Civil Camps Imaging Center X-Ray CD and Deep Studio Photography In Teeth All Expenses Rs1200/- Dr Roasni To said your Call to Treatment Vaka Chuka Teeth But One Week after Date 09/08/2018 in Hospital Room No-12 Madam in Reception to My Contact No and My daughter Name write. there for no Masses, No Contact your Hospital Pl My request to my Daughter Treatment in Immediately Thanks
  • DeeptiMuje aapne teeth ka ilaz karana
  • Sindhi Nisha khanchandbhaiBCA graduate
  • Ghataliya Shivali Bipinbhai Mst
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