About IQAC


About IQAC

The Institute established an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) in the year 2019.It works for the internalization and institutionalizing of quality practices in the institute, forms sound basis for decision making, documentation, communication and improvisation to achieve new standards.  It has a well defined quality policy in place. The Dean and Additional Director, Dental, Dr. Girish Parmar is the chairperson of IQAC. Our IQAC consists of key representatives from both academic and administrative cells. It also includes experienced alumni members. The IQAC hold’s quarterly meetings to review the last quarter activities and creates agendas for the next one.


  • IQAC aims for the continuous planning and monitoring of qualitative academic and administrative performance of the institution.


Academic Functions:

  • Act as nodal unit for all quality related activities.
  • Prepares the academic plan and calendar
  • Monitors the execution of academic plan / calendar for both BDS and MDS students in coordination with Academic/curriculum committee as  per DCI and university guidelines
  • Ensures fair assessment and evaluation processes along with focus on quality of Examination process and directs Examination committee for the same.
  • Evaluates academic progress and achievements
  • Conducts and documents various activities and programs related to continuous quality enhancement .
  • Encourages quality research in coordination with institutional research committee
  • Obtains feedback from various stake holders.
  • Facilitates faculty development by creating learner-centric approaches.
  • Conducts a Continuous gap analysis and takes necessary actions for further improvement.
  • Disseminates vital information  to all stake holders on a timely basis
  • Upgrades teaching materials, methods and library resources.
  • Conducts Seminars/ Workshops/ hands on/ conferences /interdepartmental seminars/ CDE programs on regular basis in co-ordination with dental education unit for continuous academic enhancement.
  • Prepares Annual Quality Assurance Report (AQAR) as per NAAC
  • Supports students in extracurricular activities like sports, cultural programs, etc.

Administrative functions

  • Government Dental college and hospital, Ahmedabad is a government institute and has dedicated stakeholders/staff to look after the finance/accounts, Administration, infrastructure maintenance (PIU) etc.
  • IQAC prepares the institute for various accreditations and awards like NABH, NAAC, SKOCH award, Kayakalp, Institutional ranking etc.
  • Signs new MOUs and analyze progress of existing MOUs  with specialized institutes for continuous research and clinical advancement
  • We have a fully digitalized students section to look after  all academic activities and university examinations
  • Ensures proper allocation, adequacy and maintenance of support structure and services.
  • Ensures development and application of quality benchmarks.

Clinical functions:

  • Discusses activities of patient centered care with regards to treatment, appointments and follow    
  • Regular monitoring of standards for infection control and sterilization in various departments.
  • Analysis of patient satisfaction and feedback and take actions for any lacunae.
  • Looks after vaccination of students and employees
  • Monitors functioning of specialized clinics-esthetic clinic, geriatric clinic, clinic for special need patients, implant clinic, comprehensive clinic, etc.
  • Looks after continuous supply of specialized instruments/equipments and materials for better patient care.
  • Conducts community outreach programs, school health camps, dental awareness camps, tobacco cessation program, national healthcare programs etc.
  • Monitors proper functioning of satellite centers.


Government Dental College & Hospital has an established internal quality assurance cell since 2019. It looks after continuous quality enhancement and sustenance of overall performance of the institute. It is under the able guidance of the cell that the college is able to receive esteemed NABH, SKOCH, Kayakalp awards, etc. IQAC facilitates and actively participates in all the activities of the institute. It is constantly working in planned manner to identify and remove deficiencies in any department that hinders continuous quality enhancement may it be academic, clinical or administrative.

IQAC of GDCH, Ahmedabad is headed by Dean and Additional Director Dental, Dr. Girish Parmar, Coordinator of our IQAC, is a senior academician with enormous experience and knowledge. He effectively coordinates and implements all the functions of IQAC .IQAC Committee consists of representatives from academic, administrative, student, alumni members. Membership of nominated members is valid for a period of two years. IQAC helds quarterly meetings. It addresses issues of any stakeholders, plans upcoming events, looks after clinical, academic, financial and administrative performance of last quarter and documents agenda, minutes and action taken reports. New initiatives are encouraged in each meeting. Vital information is disseminated to various stakeholders for effective actions to be taken.