• JAGDiSH M RATHOD ડૉ. રોશની મેડમ ઍમો ને મારિ દીકરી પાર્થવી ની સારવાર સારી રીતે કરી છે. ઍમો તા. ૦૭/૦૯/૨૦૧૮ ના રોજ હોસ્પીટલ આવ્યા હ્તા. મારી દીકરી માટે જે અગાઉ જે ખર્ચ કર્યો તે પાર્થવી ની સારવાર માટે જરુરી હત્તો સરકારી હોસ્પીટલમાં તેવા સાધનો નથી આ માટે કોઈ વ્યક્તીગત કોઈ જ્વાબદાર નથી. ડૉ. રોશની મેડમ મારિ દીકરી પાર્થવી ની સારવાર સારી રીતે કરી છે. આપ નો આભર સહ.
  • JAGDISH M RATHOD Sir Madam i would like inform to that my daughter in treatment teeth in your hospital in your staff / Dr. is very good service and help my daughter teeth out side x -Ray and photo as need to my daughter benefits. no any person members benefits this is a my require daughter Teeth treatment good service to hospital dr's thanks
  • Denis a good career in Dentist
  • Dr Hasmukh parmarExcelent services to the pationte
  • Dr. Roshni Koli PG PART 2Dr. Roshni Koli PG PART 2 With reference to your comment, I would like to clarify that , I tried to contact you on mobile number : 9228369033 which is provided by you , I tried a number of times which shows “ INVALID NUMBER” . This is to suggest that please contact me personally in the department, room no 12 to resolve your grievances.
  • JAGDISH M RATHOD RSPECTED Sir, My Daughter in Dental Hospital Date 31/7/2018 in teeth checkup Vaka Chuka Teeth. Room No.12 In checkup with X-Ray and Outside Civil Camps Imaging Center X-Ray CD and Deep Studio Photography In Teeth All Expenses Rs1200/- Dr Roasni To said your Call to Treatment Vaka Chuka Teeth But One Week after Date 09/08/2018 in Hospital Room No-12 Madam in Reception to My Contact No and My daughter Name write. there for no Masses, No Contact your Hospital Pl My request to my Daughter Treatment in Immediately Thanks
  • DeeptiMuje aapne teeth ka ilaz karana
  • Sindhi Nisha khanchandbhaiBCA graduate
  • Ghataliya Shivali Bipinbhai Mst
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About Dean

Dr. Girish Parmar, Dean, GDCH Ahmedabad, since his designation to this post in July 2005, has taken on his responsibilities with remarkable enthusiasm. A strict administrator, known for his leadership qualities, is rebuilding and raising money for this institution to carry it through the 21st century.

He earned his Bachelors as well as Masters Degree (Conservative Dentistry & Endodontics) from the same institution. He began his teaching career thereafter and soon rose to the post of ‘Head of the Dept’ at just the age of 32. He passed his Ph.D degree in 2004 and went on to become the Dean next year. Presently, he is the only Ph.D guide in dental faculty throughout India. A young & dynamic personality, Dr. Girish Parmar has many contributions in various books and scientific articles pertaining to his subject. He is always keen towards organizing various scientific lectures & workshops in order to benefit the students.

He is awarded fellowships from various organizations like Royal Society of Health (London), World Health Organization (U.S.A.) & International College of Dentist (India and Sri Lanka Section). He is also awarded “Jewel of India” & “Life time achievement gold medal” award in the year 2005 for excellence in his field. Currently, he is the Chief Investigator of the ongoing WHO project on ‘Atraumatic Restorations’ in rural areas. He is also responsible for the quality of the institution’s academic programs. Our institution competes with the best institutions all over India in providing best possible education and has a very specific responsibility towards the state and its people. It has done an outstanding job in achieving its present state & will continue scale new heights in near future under his leadership.

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